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Style description

The concept of the interior design of this house was built around the feeling of calmness and comfort, so the modern classic style with its neutral colour scheme and light modesty was a perfect fit. The classical design flows organically with the modern features: brave colour palette and unusual design objects. The style is being emphasized by the stucco mouldings, doors and cornices, chandeliers with laconic metal frameworks, mirrors, glass partitions, noble marble in gray and white used in finishing of the spaces, as well as the floor - silver oak laid in the chevron pattern. All details of the interior fit together, engage in a dialogue, complete each other, attract attention, create a game.

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Plan of the house


Entrance hall design

Since it is the entrance hall that welcomes those who come into the house, its beauty is worth taking care of. No matter where you live, how much you earn and how many people there are in your family, you can make your home a place that you will be happy to return and invite guests to. The entrance hall should respond to your lifestyle and express who you are and what is important to you.
The design of the entrance hall uses cool muted colours. The colour scheme and finishes create a calm atmosphere, the black and brass details add rigour and light chic.


Hallway and corridor design

Warm tones in the design of a small hallway immediately endear themselves. There aren't many objects in this space, which lets the guests know that everything on display is of considerable importance to the owners of the house. Comfortable additional night lighting will help easily get to the bedroom or the bathroom. The doors create a ceremonial atmosphere but don't overcrowd the small corridor. 


Dining area design

The first thing we see when we enter the living room is the dining area. It is a separate space, specially created for unhurried enjoyment of good food and pleasant conversation with family and friends. We would like everyone to feel welcomed in this dining room. A warm and cosy atmosphere is the perfect balance of texture and style.

A partition with sliding doors between the kitchen and the dining area - glass with a subtle gradient, creating a sunset effect - encourages a light atmosphere and acts as a colour accent in the interior.


Living room design

The space of this room itself emits warmth and comfort. None of the elements seem random or fussy. It feels like the room is inviting you to come in and have some rest. Soft furniture in light tones compensates for the heaviness of the rough materials which catch the eye, and the hearth emphasizes the simplicity. Individual details emphasize the owners' love for everyday comfort.


Kitchen design

To combine the classical and the modern styles we used wooden colour and texture together with clean lines of the modern elements. The streaked marble slab which ennobles the design, saturated colours and warm tones of the wood mix well with the more traditional black and white palette. Graceful furniture handles, thin chair legs, brass-coloured lamp details, the black profile of the ceiling lighting and glass doors - all these details emphasize the unique design of this kitchen.


Bedroom design

A space should have a calming effect - it is an important goal for any room, but especially for a bedroom. The lack of a mess and unnecessary objects contributes to the feeling of calmness. The bedroom should be the place where it is possible to take rest and gather energy. Calm cool tones, lamps with reflected and diffused light, soft fabric of the furniture - all these elements contribute to the sense of peace.


Office design

In the office design we used the green tea colour and warm saturated elements in the finishing of the cabinet furniture and decor. The strict thin black metal elements remind of the purpose of this space.


Bathroom design

We attach great importance to the design of a bathroom. Noble white marble was used for the finishing of the walls, which gives a sense of integrity to the space. For contrast, black marble was chosen for the floor. The shower backsplash, an Italian mosaic imitation, is the main accent of the bathroom. An addition to that are thin golden mirror frames, sconce details, faucets and furniture handles.


Guest bathroom design

Since the guest bathroom is located next to the entrance hall, they are united by the common colour scheme and floor finish. The convenient spacious utility cabinet hides behind its folding doors a washing machine and a dryer, as well as everything necessary for cleaning the house. Panels were used in the design of the bathroom, and the small fragment of tiling behind the sink and the mirror add decorativeness.

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